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who's in charge here?

November 11th, 2011 (08:58 pm)

Creativity, it's been a while since you and I have had a chat. I think it's time you and I go over (again) some rules for working as a unit.

As you know, Her Majesty is in charge completely and utterly. However, in the event that she is not working and Inner-Sandman says it is perfectly acceptable for me to be awake, you should probably take your cues from me. Given that I am older and this is, you know, my body.

Which brings me to the issue of the night. While I love your enthusiasm about the currently unnamed ghost story, that is a project confined to the bounds of Umass campus and should not be worked on or thought about when I am not there until futher notice. Here in my room, there is a much larger and long-term project to which you should devote your attention. I'm sure even you can understand, there is a time and a place for everything. If you cannot tell if this is the time or place, please defer to someone old and wiser than you. (But not Fangirl, she has no sense of discretion.)

I'm glad we had this talk.

Love always,
The Body (Sage)

From: Creativity
To: Miss Sage
RE: Fromal Reply to Who's in Charge Here?

Dear Miss Sage,
Respectfully, no. I will play in whatever world I please and you will put up with it.

Love and Kisses
Creativity :)

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an ideal world

November 11th, 2011 (07:58 pm)

in an ideal world:
the ideal gas law would apply to everything
the Carot Cycle would be useful for something
classes would not happen before 11am
homework would not exist
ice cream is at every meal
food time is not limited to food hours
I could read books that I want instead of plays I don't care about
tv is always streaming
I could go to all my fencing practices
I am not too sick to invite over the guy that I like.
and many, many other things I can't think of

I do not live in an ideal world.

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the daily stuggle

October 25th, 2011 (11:13 am)

Me: *asleep* zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Creativity: play with me!
*alarm goes off*
Creativity: play with me!!
me: uuuuuuuugggggggggggghhhhh
*walking out of my room*
Creativity: play with me!
me: class
*in class*
Creativity: play with me!
me: homework
*doing homework*
Creativity: play with me!
Me: more homework
*homework done*
Creativity: now will you play with me?
Me: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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a thought I don't want to forget

November 18th, 2008 (10:57 pm)
"Driver picks the music." : Harder to Breathe - Maroon 5

Jason Issacs - Capt. Hook/Mr. Darling and Lucius Malfoy

one thing I really want to see in the DH movie is Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy run through the last fight screaming for Draco

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August 16th, 2008 (12:59 am)

"Hey, no chick-flick moments.": confused
"Driver picks the music." : Who We Are - Lifehouse

why would anyone read The Metamorphesis willingly? my barin(brain) hurts and my ankle hurts. I'm gonna read something fun and creepy (instead of just plain creepy)

\m/ (>.<) \m/
rock on
(so says facebook)

through the rise and falling apart we discover who we are

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August 10th, 2008 (05:04 pm)

"Hey, no chick-flick moments.": annoyed

so I just spent an hour and a half(or something) in the Safeway(grocery store) parking lot because some idiot rear-ended my sister.(omg a puncuation!!!) dad woke me up(I sleep forever) and said my sister got into an accident and I had to drive my mom there(dad doesn't drive) barely any damage was done to her presious car but mom insisted on saying until the cops showed up(mom can't drive either) so I had to sit there for no good reason :(

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boys ugh!

August 10th, 2008 (03:44 am)

"Hey, no chick-flick moments.": calm

so today I let the house to go video game hunting (actually I left the house because it was nice and I wanted to drive) so I go to the video game store far away from my house an didn't find anything then i went to the one closer to my house (not the closest one) and I was looking around and I was looking in the DVD bin and I saw Finding Nemo for seven bucks then the guy that works there said the dvds were 4 for 20 so he said he would help me pick three more (I'm the only person in the store) so we start talking and joking around I pick two more movies and he said he would pick the last one and I would have to watch it with him (I think I agreed to this without realizing it) so then I pick a fourth movie and I go to pay for it I used my credit card so now he has my full name then he said he would facebook me and when I got home I would have a friend request I told him I might come see him again on tuesday when I got home we were facebooking a little bit then he asked for my AIM and a give it to him and we were talking he kept calling me cutie (not in my AIM screenname) and sexy and I'm like okay fine I don't mind he seemed to get upset when I took a long time to answer him then he started asking me about what I like in guys and the entire time I'm thinking is he ever gonna straight ask me out (which he doesn't) I'm not sure if he's like creepy stalker or just trying really hard the fact that I'm jailbait doesn't seem to bother him

for anyone who actually read all that (can I buy a punctuation?) opinions?

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I hate my life

August 7th, 2008 (09:12 pm)

"Hey, no chick-flick moments.": aggravated
"Driver picks the music." : Folking Around - Panic

after begging to be released from my prison I went looking for video games I ended up at a videogame store near(ish) my house. I got out of the car as I slammed the locked door I noticed I didn't have my keys on me. so now locked out I called my sister(mistake) asking her to go home get keys and come save me (making sure not to tell mom and dad). as I waited I saw lightning in the distance thinking nothing would be more fitting that to be rained on while protecting my car from being stole cause I left the keys in the ignition. then when big sister shows up she tells me she told big brother I locked myself out of my car.

I'm going to go in the corner and die now kthxbye

I'm putting out the lantern. find your own way back home.

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allow me to exaggerate a memory or two

August 7th, 2008 (06:38 pm)

"Hey, no chick-flick moments.": hungry
"Driver picks the music." : Folking Around - Panic At The Disco

is there some unwritten rule that you have to watch the Olympic sport that you particapate in? (read: do I have to watch the fencing?)*le sigh*

Mommy I want my ankle back!!!!! it's really nice outside but I can't take my little red car with a sun roof for a drive because certain people (mom, sister) say I can't walk. :( and the wrap on my ankle is itchy. and I don't want to study biology or math :(. why do I have to apply to a techy school(s)! stupid MIT and its non-common app taking poopy.

it's too nice to spend the rest of the day on the couch(who the hell am I?)

I surrender the post is pointless.

I'm putting out the lantern. find your own way back home.

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"The time has come,"

August 7th, 2008 (03:09 am)
"Driver picks the music." : Life Is A Highway - Rascal Flatts

The Walrus said.

goooooooooooooooooooooooood morning/evening/night/existence Livejournal (life is a highway). the time has come for me to (start) apply to college(university). only ivy league (because I'm smart like that) with top fencing teams (cause when I don't fencing(stab people on a regular basis) I get cranky.) and lots of other crazy things.

I am here in a procrastinating capacity(I'm getting closer to having to write essays)

I sprained my ankle(cliche right?) last week when I fell fencing *sad face* so I am broadcasting my message of distress from my place on the couch under house arrest (courtesy on my big sister(I wrote sitter first fitting title I think))

losing my mind(love)

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